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Monday, July 29, 2013

Android 4.3 Roms For Galaxy Nexus

Here is a list of the new android 4.3 custom roms, personally I am waiting for paranoid android 4.3 as it's my favorite rom.

[ROM] [JWR66V] OVERDRIVE 4.3 Build Alpha // + Pure Stock - UNTOUCHED // 28-07-2013
[ROM] [JSS15J] aosp 4.3 - July-29 
[ROM][JB][JWR66V] Galaxy Nexus 4.3 stock v3 (deodexed, rooted, busybox)
[ROM] [JB 4.3][JWR66V] Cataclysm ROM - Android 4.3 [Jul-28-2013]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Android 4.3 Apps for Galaxy Nexus Download

Finally some leaked android 4.3 apps for your galaxy nexus on a flashable zip.

NEW 24-25 JULY - From 4.3 release day:
- New Play Store version 4.2.9 PlayStore_v4.2.9.apk
- Google Play Games, v1.0.6, PlayGames_v1.0.06-750395-30.apk
- Two new wallpapers from Nexus 7
Click image for larger version

Name: nexusae0_wallpaper_01.jpg
Views: 97
Size: 189.7 KB
ID: 2141336Click image for larger version

Name: Nexus7_wallpaper.jpg
Views: 197
Size: 215.0 KB
ID: 2140149

17 JULY - From the leaked Nexus 4 dump:
- Play Store version 4.2.3PlayStore_v4.2.3 (newer version available above)
- Play Books version 2.8.91 (not on market yet), PlayBooks_v2.8.91.apk
- Google Keep version 1.0.81 (not on market yet), Keep_v1.0.81.apk** CURRENTLY A SYSTEM APP! Delete Market version, push to system/app, and set rw- r-- r-- permissions.

9 JULY - From the GPE S4 dump:
- Revised Roboto font set, flashable ZIP here:
- Improved Camera app, flashable ZIP here courtesy of @-Jesco-
- Google Play Edition boot animation, flashable ZIP here courtesy of @ATTACK
- Sunbeam live wallpaper, APK here: SunBeam.apk (this is a system app, not "installable")

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Best battery life Kernel and Rom Combination for Android 4.2.2 for the Google Galaxy Nexus

So far the best combination I have found, after experimenting many android 4.2.2 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus is Parandoid android rom and Franco kernel, this way I was also able to fix colors of screen and enable fast charge feature through pc. this was possible using Trickster MOD kernel settings app and fast charge app.
just though to share this info to save you time, but if you have a better combo tell it in comments.

Monday, August 13, 2012

AOKP - Galaxy Nexus 13/08/2012 Euroskank


 Tuna: enable device options

 FlipService: updates for quicker off time & phone off

 Unlock KeyStore on successfull Quick Unlock

 Settings: Fix "Vibrate when ringing" not updating

* AOKP is still a WORK IN PROGRESS, some things might be broken, missing
* or cause you to sword fight like a diary farmer. Since no ever reads
* this warning anyway, here's a picture of a Metroid.
* Enjoy!

Download latest from here

Sunday, August 12, 2012

AOKP JB 4.1.1 Maguro (Galaxy Nexus GSM)

Jelly bean AOKP rom by Euroskank

download link below video.


* Organize, Clean-up, remove summaries, and add about icon
* FlipService: updates for quicker off time & phone off
* Modify how RC crops and picks the wallpaper


* Contacts: Bring in CM10 dialer
* Phone: Make call screen 25% transparent transparent
* Settings: SoundSettings: Don't use deprecated vibrate APIs
 *  AOKP is still a WORK IN PROGRESS, some things might be broken, missing
 *  or cause you to sword fight like a diary farmer.  Since no ever reads
 *  this warning anyway, here's a picture of a Metroid.
 *  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

AOKP JB for Galaxy Nexus JellyBean ROM

FOR  Verizon ONLY and nexus hacks like always not responsible for what happen to your machine or your self or your pet or anything.

Mod Type: ROM     Difficulty: Easy     Mod Status: Alpha     Mod Base: Other     Carrier: Verizon
Requires Root: Yes     Apply In: CWM Recovery     Optional:      Optional:      Android Version: 4.1.1 (JB)

Posted Image
Welcome! First off, please bear in mind that I am NOT part of the AOKP Team. I am simply syncing with their github and compiling nightly builds. I do own a Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Nexus and because I suffer from crack flashing (like many of us) I keep my eyes glued to the AOKP Gerrit and once a sizable amount of work has been merged I initialize the clean up/sync/build process! I figured since I was doing this for myself that I would share my builds. These builds are pure builds and include no cherry picks from other ROMs. Unicorn Porn in its purist form!
Posted Image
If you are interested in the latest Gerrit Pull requests (Also known as the Open section), the link is here:

If you are interested in what was accepted by the AOKP Team, that link is here:

When I post builds I will always include a Repo Sync Time (RST) and the corresponding Last Included Merge ID (LIMI).. Therefore, by viewing the merged link (2nd link above), you should be able to accurately determine what has changed since the prior build!
Posted Image
  • It is in your best interest to have the latest version of either ClockworkMod Recovery or Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) before you deal with update scripts!
  • Backup your current ROM
    • Since we are dealing with nightlies, it is always good practice to keep a working backup in case the build is a lemon or something included causes your phone to crash or bootloop!
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset (3x) and Wipe (or FormatSystem (3x)
    • This is always recommended when flashing any ROM. Dirty Flashing is when one simply installs a ROM "on top" of a preinstalled ROM. This is normally in an effort to keep user/system settings so that individual does not need to set their phone up. I would recommend taking the extra time to wipe. Wiping each three times is a precaution I and many others use with the fear that the first two wipes may have left stray data in the partitions. (Cache is wiped when doing a Factory Reset and the Dalvik Cache is located in the cache partition. Therefore it is not necessary to separately wipe cache/dalvik cache)
  • Install your choice of Nightly (ROM)
  • Install your choice of Gapps (Recommend Gapps: 07/26/2012 from
  • Optional: Install a kernel (such as faux123's GN-LTE Kernelimoseyon's leanKernel, orfranciscofranco's franco.Kernel)
Posted Image
RST:​ 9:30 PM EDT
LIMI: I8505637d
(MD5: 9056f52432882a028e7e0278702ffdf6)

RST:​ 1:45 AM EDT
LIMI: I0b1ede6e
(MD5: 49cbd8690bf8e56e2d8839ff30d87a9a)

RST:​ 2:00 PM EDT
LIMI: Ica34b226
(MD5: 4df6cde8376b9349e8d1afe3e9952ff1)

Alternative (Untested by me and NOT my work):

Posted Image
The AOKP Team puts a lot of hard work into modifying the latest Android Operating System to give you features to enhance your overall experience. If you are happy with their work, consider thanking them or even sending a small donation to show your support!

Posted Image
If you are interested in viewing the source code to AOKP, you may do so by viewing the team's github. This is made possible by the open-sourceness :P of Android and the project!

If you would like to help with AOKP, contact Roman for more details! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Google's Next Nexus Phone

Google have been contracting with different companies producing the Nexus devices, first HTC then Samsung (Nexus s, Galaxy Nexus) then Asus making the Nexus 7.

There is two concepts of the next nexus, first is it will be Samsung again for the Nexus phone, no matter what it's going to be named, let's say galaxy nexus 2.

because Samsung is the world top vendor for mobile phones worldwide right now, specially after the SIII and beating Apple.

and the other concept is that Google this time are going to deal with more then one manufacturer, Samsung, HTC, Asus, motorola and sony are perfect candidates for that.

until then it's all still rumors and by the way the picture above is just a concept and I don't like it, it's ugly :)